Egypt Vodafone Sim card



The card is registered in Egypt and activated.
Sim card can (credit requirement) immediately be used for calls, SMS and internet.
The card is valid up to 1 year without use.
The credit can be charged with any desired amount.
Payment can be made in cash, by bank transfer or Paypal.

Following Internet packages are available:

1.25 GB 25 L.E

3:50 GB for 60 L.E

7.0 GB for 100 L.E

12 GB for 150 L.E

20 GB for 250 L.E

Calls from 0.99 LE / minute (night to landlines)
otherwise for 3.5 LE / minute from 20:00 bis 07:59 clock
and 4.1 L.E / minute from 08:00 bis 19:59 clock.
By an additional option for 10 LE / month for 1.99LE / minute 24/24 to
all networks.

Shipping is by registered mail.